Case Study


Microchips embedded in automated delivery drones give each drone a unique identity on the blockchain—enabling trusted access to secure locations.

The Problem

Last Mile Delivery is Expensive

28% of the total delivery cost to a business comes from the last-mile. Efficiency can be increased throughout the supply chain, but when talking about the last mile, especially with regards to same-day/on-demand delivery, technology is the key.


A frictionless delivery experience helps streamline efficiency and cut costs. One of the greatest sources of friction during last mile delivery is dealing with customer delivery requests about how it should be delivered (“don’t ring the door bell,” for example).

The Solution

Encrypted microchips are used to give automated delivery drones a unique identity on the blockchain which IoT applications can use to allow or restrict drone access to locations such as a home or warehouse.

Watch the Prototype

How it Works


A drone containing an encrypted BLE chip flies up to a window/door that has a chip reader.


The chip reader verifies the cryptographic signature of the drone's BLE chip and checks its identity on the blockchain.


After confirming the drone has permission, the chip reader tells the window/door that it's ok to open.