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Any consumer product can be enhanced with a microchip to create new kinds of user engagement.

Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Luxury goods, collectibles, location beacons
  • iOS and Android
  • Internal / External Tag
  • Encrypted BLE
  • 1in. x 1in. x .25in.
  • Artwork and color
  • 2-4yr. battery life
  • 1ft to 30ft.
  • Order BLE Chips
Near Field Communication
  • Apparel, Packaging, Inventory Tracking
  • Android Only
  • Self-adhesive label
  • Encrypted NFC
  • 1in. x 1in. x 1mm.
  • None
  • Indefinite
  • < 20 cm
  • Order NFC Chips

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Pre-Order a Starter Kit

Purchase a kit containing a few sample microchips to start exploring what you can do.

Who should order?

App Developers, IT Professionals, Brand CTOs, Hobbyists, Blockchain Developers

What can I do with the starter kit?
  • Visually inspect the chips and form factors.
  • Register chip identities to the Open Registry for IoE.
  • Build your own App to work with a chip.
What do I get?
We offer 4 demo kits depending on your needs. Every kit includes access to the Admin App (iOS/Android) and Web Dashboard.
  • Deluxe $99.99 — (2) BLE Inlay, (2) NFC Inlay, (2) CryptoSeal
  • BLE Kit $39.99 — (2) BLE Inlay
  • NFC Kit $29.99 — (2) NFC Inlay
  • CryptoSeal Kit $39.99 — (2) CryptoSeal
Starting at
$ 29.99

Your credit card will not be charged until shipped. Kits start shipping Q1 2017.